Our mission is to support the mission and vision of Capital Region Medical Center.

Capital Region Medical Center is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective healthcare for our community. Operating as a dual-facility medical center, Capital Region continues to grow and improve, adding high-tech equipment and expanding its many excellent services and facilities. Our goal is to help people achieve and maintain an optimal level of health through lifestyle choices and disease prevention and early detection. To further this goal, we provide education and counseling programs to help keep people healthy outside of a hospital setting. However, when comprehensive inpatient or outpatient services are required, Capital Region stands ready with its qualified, diversified medical staff and high-quality personnel, equipment and facilities. In addition to services provided at the Medical Center, Capital Region operates an extensive clinic system from urgent care centers to specialty physician practices.

Purpose Statement:
Our purpose is to further Capital Region's mission by ensuring its future financial stability and growth through private resources. All gifts are vital to helping the medical center meet current priorities and to securing an invested funded base for the future. Our goal is to provide our constituents with opportunities to invest in Capital Region Medical Center in a manner which best meets their personal goals and financial situation.

The Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) corporation from the Medical Center, and is directed by Rita Kempker, CFRE, a Capital Region employee who has been with the Foundation since its office opened in February of 1990. The Foundation is controlled by 31 Board of Trustees, 30 of whom are elected by the Board of Governors.

A copy of Capital Region Medical Foundation's 990 and policies are available upon request.

CRMC Vision
The vision of Capital Region Medical Center is that of a premier integrated healthcare delivery system, placing the patient first while providing personal, high-quality, cost-effective healthcare. Our commitment is demonstrated through innovative solutions to the healthcare needs of our communities including education, wellness and treatment.

The Memorial Community Hospital Foundation was founded in 1989 to support the funding needs of Memorial Community Hospital. After serving the mid-Missouri region for more than 40 years, Memorial Community Hospital and Still Regional Medical Center merged to become Capital Region Medical Center in 1994. Upon the June 1994 merger, the foundation's name was changed to Memorial Community Health Foundation and the Board of Governor members of the former Memorial Community Hospital Association were incorporated into the Foundation's structure and operation. In November 1994, the fund raising efforts of both Memorial and Still were combined under the auspices of the Memorial Community Health Foundation. The two facilities comprise Jefferson City's largest hospital. In 1995, the foundation's name was changed to Capital Region Medical Foundation to more accurately reflect its mission. In 1996, Capital Region became a partner of the University of Missouri Health Care - Columbia, MO.


Role and Relationship
The Board of Governors is the "grass roots" support system of the Medical Center. The relationship between the Board of Governors and the Medical Center is maintained by:

  • keeping members informed of the services and product lines offered
  • providing an avenue for members to keep the Medical Center informed of ways we can enhance health and medical services in our community
  • enabling members to remain involved as strong advocates for quality health care in the Medical Center organization

The Board of Governors has the following responsibilities:

  1. To elect members of the Foundation Board of Trustees
  2. To elect members of the Board of Governors
  3. To serve on committees of the Foundation
  4. To vote on amendments to the bylaws of the Foundation

The Board of Governors organization meeting is held annually on the first Monday in December. Except for special meetings called by the Board of Trustees Chair, this is the only meeting during the year. Update meetings are held on an "as needed" basis to keep the Board of Governors informed about Medical Center issues.

One of the many ways Board of Governor members support the Foundation is by serving on the Foundation/Board of Governor Committees. The current committees are:

  • Clergy Committee
  • Community Outreach Committee
  • Executive Committee/Gift Allocation Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Major Gifts Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Planned Giving Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Service Area Advisory Committee
  • Special Events Committee/Golf Committee