Quality of Care

Quality Reports

Capital Region Medical Center is committed to providing patient care that is second to none. Through rigorous guidelines and process, CRMC strives to ensure every patient receives top quality care that is safe, effective, efficient and timely. And CRMC’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. CRMC is the only hospital in Jefferson City to win the Missouri Quality Award twice, once in 2006 and again in 2010.

The Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) outlines in great detail quality measures which CRMC voluntarily reports. These measures have been determined by CMS to be good indicators of the overall quality and competency of care received by patients.

Quality measures are based on scientific evidence and can reflect guidelines, standards of care, or practice parameters. A quality report consists of manually obtaining information from the patient's medical record into a rate or percentage of compliance with recognized guidelines that allow us to assess our performance.

These quality reports reflect our commitment to helping patients and family members make informed health care choices. Measuring and monitoring our performance also helps us evaluate and improve how we care for our patients

The CMS Hospital Compare website displays rates for Process of Care measures that show whether or not hospitals provide some of the care that is recommended for patients being treated for a heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia,or patients having surgery. Hospitals voluntarily submit data from medical records about the treatments their patients receive for these conditions. The data include patients with Medicare, those enrolled in Medicare health plans, and those who don’t have Medicare.

Below are links to graphs reflective of data CRMC reports to CMS. You will see CRMC’s results compared to national and state averages. This data can also be found at This website is designed to help you and your family understand how CRMC performs in comparison to nationally recognized quality indicators.

Extra Steps for Patient Safety

A main component of exceptional quality is patient safety. Keeping patients, visitors and employees safe is vital in maintaining and environment of care that will provide the most positive outcomes. CRMC staff take numerous precautions to ensure every part of a patient’s care is done safely. Safety measures include

  • Hand Hygiene Policies and Guidelines
  • Fall Risk Indicators
  • Barcode Bedside Medication Verification System
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Mandatory Flu Vaccines for all employees
  • Ongoing facility reviews to ensure all structures, equipment and supplies are in safe working order
  • Newer, safer technology
  • Hand off processes
  • Triplicate patient identifiers
  • Concurrent review of patient care

We Need Your Help in our Quest for Excellence

As your health care provider, CRMC understands you have many choices when it comes to selecting a hospital. To truly care for our communities at the highest level CRMC needs to hear from you! Open lines of communication can provide your caregivers the information they need to make sure you are comfortable, relaxed and confident in the staff caring for you.

Through our patient feedback survey we can learn what we are doing well and what we need to improve upon. We are constantly reviewing procedures and researching best practices to make sure we are doing all the right things to help the people and communities we serve get Better. Every Day .